Sunday, January 16, 2011

Miscellaneous Stuff (again)

It's been quite awhile since I've posted because I have been absurdly busy with work, kids, and assorted various things:). At this moment---along with everyone else---I have just been trying to survive the winter and get everyone in coat to keep on eating and growing wool til the PA Show comes (!!!). After that I will clip everyone down and get started with the breeding again:).

The PA Convention this year should be really fabulous. The UARC has two specialties going on (Sat. and Sun.) and we will also have a raffle table and a Skein & Garment contest in the hall. We will be holding exhibition classes for some new varieties of Angora---namely the Black Giant, Broken English, and Broken Satin. For anyone who is interested a show catalog, it can be found on the PaSRBA website here:

So far it looks like I will have an unusual amount of rabbits to bring this year, including some mothers who just weaned their litters 1-2 weeks ago, LOL. Normally a 'weaned' mother is not in any kind of condition to go right back to the show table, but for some reason this year everyone grew thick coats in the nursing period and ate like horses to the point of pushing maximum weight in every case and building really good meat condition. I've been trying to think what happened differently this year, but all I could come up with was that we had very cold temps very early which may have pushed a faster wool growth, and everyone also had smaller than average litters after the hot summer/fall which put less of a strain on everyone to begin with. All well, we'll see how it all goes:).

Anyway, more again next time and I will try to write something that is a little more substantive (LOL). After the show I will post a bunch of nice pics and it should be back to business as usual:).

Have a great week!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bunnies For Sale:)

Happy New Year everyone!

I am weaning litters at the moment and expect to have a large number of FA babies for sale in the first week of February. Colors will include REW, Black, Tort, and possibly Pearl and Chocolate Tort. I have not yet evaluated any of the new bunnies so am unsure of what will be for sale, but that info will be confirmed by the last week of January. These breedings were planned for delivery to the upcoming PA Convention on Feb. 5 & 6, and they will be exactly 12 weeks old and ready to go at that time:).

If anyone would like to reserve a particular color/sex/breeding then please contact me ahead of time so I can begin to make plans. Current breeding pairs are listed on the SpangAngora website at "">.

I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Holiday and you are all looking forward to an excellent year with lots of great new bunny stuff going on:-). Next weekend I will have a rundown of the upcoming PA Show and exactly what the UARC has planned in terms of showing and angora activities. Stay tuned!