Sunday, March 23, 2008

More Babies and Misc.

This has been an insanely busy week so this will not be an involved post (Sorry, something much more interesting will be planned for next time, LOL:)). Last Thursday 2 new litters arrived out of Evariste and Morwenna. The sire of both litters was Dijon, and Eva gave birth to a litter of 9 while Morwenna had 10 in her bunch, the majority of whom were very healthy aside from 1-2 faders here and there:(.

Here is a picture of Eva's little group consisting of 1 Black, 1 Fawn and 7 REWs at 3 days old:

And here is a snapshot of Morwenna's bunch, composed of the usual same colors for her---Fawn, Tort, and REW:

The next planned breedings are of Nereida/Pierre and Devaki/Dijon sometime over the next couple of weeks. Nereida needs to be bred ASAP but Devaki has a fabulous show coat on her right now that I am loathe to take off until she can go to at least one show and make a spectacle of herself properly (LOL!). I will probably not breed her until after Rhinebeck on April 19, and I will wait with Nereida til then as well so that both can be bred together.
Also, (in addition to all the holiday stuff this week), we decided to take a trip down to NYC to see the Met museum again (the Metropolitan Museum of Art). For anyone who has never been to this amazing place, it is one of the most beautiful and famous museums in the world, containing works of art from every major civilization in history. We have been to this museum many times before but there is always something new to see on every trip. This time I found a WONDERFUL Samurai helmet with----guess what? A rabbit up on top! (take a look!:))

One of the major attractions of this museum for the boys is the Arms and Armor exhibit, containing armor and weapons from cultures throughout history. This is a top view of the main hall from the 2nd floor balcony:

And finally, here are the kids posing in front of the Bear statue in Central Park on the way back home:

More bunny stuff to come next week, especially nestbox and baby behavior, etc. Every time a new litter comes along here it seems that there is something new to be learned. One of my very favorite sports is sitting down on the floor watching babies in nestboxes before and after feeding. There are all kinds of things to be noticed about babies in general with this kind of observation. It is the best way to understand a herd:).
Anyway, have a wonderful week and most of all:

Give all those little Easter bunnies a great big hug:-):-)

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Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures of the baby rabbits. The MET sure sounds like a great place. I'll be sure to visit with my family soon.

Keep on blogging!