Sunday, April 20, 2008

2008 Rhinebeck, NY Show

Yesterday was a fun (if abbreviated) day at the Rhinebeck, NY show. I was forced to leave after judging due to a Little League commitment (of which there have been many this spring, LOL!), so I did not get the usual amount of pictures, and I did not get shots of Nancy Nichols winning BOB and BOS buns or other photos of the showroom and people, etc:(.

There were 17 FAs shown with 3 exhibitors, and the judge for the Angoras was Deb Vecchio. I brought 3 buns (1 Sr. and 2 Jr. s), and the BOB/BOS was taken by Nancy Nichols with a REW doe and a Broken Blue (I think??) buck. No Satin Angoras were shown, 1 Giant was shown, and a good amount of English were present though I had to leave before judging for that group was over:(.

Here are a few pictures that I did get before the show (mostly during grooming:)). The day was absolutely beautiful with temps in the low 80's later on, but the turnout for the whole show was lower than usual, probably because of gas prices and probably because this is still only a single show making it difficult for people to justify the trip. I already spoke with a few members of our club and we will be setting up an Angora Specialty in the afternoon of the same show for next year so that it will become a double show for Angoras and we can increase the 'wool' turnout in the future. We will see how it all goes:).

Here are three pics of bunnies I brought along after grooming. The first is of Spang's Kitka, a Jr. doe that I have decided to keep out of Sadako's last litter:

And the next two are of Spang's Oomi, a beautiful REW Sr. doe who is coming into coat densely and evenly:

This next shot is of Linda Cassella grooming Silvertone Everest (also pictured in the photo below). The sun was in a really terrible position here making it hard to get a decent shot, but we did the best we could and at least the rabbit was mostly visible in both pictures, LOL:).

Pictured here is Collin Burns who also made the trip out yesterday with a few of his EAs. Here he is shown grooming diligently in the morning:

and this is a picture of his beautiful doe Countryside Desiree posed up immediately afterward!:).

All in all this was a fun show though I wish I could have stayed longer, and next year we will be sure to make it a double for Angoras so as to attract a larger entry with the great facilities that we have. Another improvement that the club made this year was to switch from the old wooden holding coops to stainless steel (Thank God!) but there are still no floors in the Angora coops so I am going to arrange to have wire inserts made for next year, and after that we will tackle the problem of better holding coops behind the table for the individual class winners.
Anyhow, more stuff next week when we get back to the normal rabbit life around here:). The next show I am thinking about attending is the North Haven show in CT, but as I only have one rabbit who is in coat right now (Eek!) it is hard to know whether that would be worth the trip or not. We will have to see what happens:).
The very last picture shown here today is one gratuitous one of my 8 year old son Jonathan who is the #1 Catcher for his Little League team this year. He is doing a great job and is very proud of a number of saving catches he made this season (not to mention that I think he looks very cute in all the padding and helmut stuff:)).

More next week and have lots of fun with the buns!:^D

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