Thursday, July 3, 2008

Just Pics Again

I am spending most of this week doing lots of grooming, now that the oldest jrs. are getting bigger and needier in terms of frequent 'haircare'. The oldest babies are hitting the 4 month mark now and approaching junior prime, while the younger buns are still able to roam freely without having to worry about attacks from me with the grooming tools just yet:).

There was another litter born this week to Evariste (sired by Pierre this time), and Oomi is pulling wool in the nest as we speak, so there should be news to report for her soon, too. Eva had a litter of just 4, and I am guessing that Oomi will have a small one as well given the fact that she is also a day past her due date. Pierre (who is an old man now at 4 years old) was the sire of both these litters, and I think that his sperm count was starting to wane at the time that the last 2 does were bred since the breedings were done in 85 degree temps. AFTER these breedings we were hit with a 90-95 degree heat wave for approx. one week, so needless to say this boy is now retired until the fall and the younger bucks will come in and gladly take his place:).

Below are just a few pics that I snapped of some of the other guys after grooming (even though I know I posted pictures of them already, LOL). The first here is D'Artagnan, the second two below that are of Giacomo, and the last two are Arcadia.

Below now are three of the younger litters that were born 2 weeks ago. I temporarily deposited them into a laundry basket while I cleaned and replaced nestbox bedding, and they had a fun time exploring before they collapsed into their boxes afterward and took a long, replenishing nap:).
The first two pictures are of Echo's litter. In the mix you can see four Sables, 4 Pearls, and 1 REW.

And here is a combination of two litters fostered to one doe. Neva's (bred to Dijon) babies are 3 of the REWs and 2 Fawns, while Pascha's two consist of 1 REW and 1 Sable (seen here with ALOT of frosting which will clear up later and turn brown).

Anyway, so that's about it for today. We are gearing up for the 4th of July holiday and getting lots of garden work done around here, too. The other day I picked a little 'snack' bowl of black raspberries, yellow alpine strawberries, mignionette strawberries, (with large size honeoye thrown in), and this week we will start up with the snap peas, white currants, and (many,many) more raspberries:).
Have a great week!

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