Saturday, December 6, 2008

More Bunny Pics

These are just some recent bunny pics I took after grooming, which is a frequent activity now:). This bunny below (in 2 pics) is Giacomo, a Tort Sr. buck in his first Sr. coat, and Juno's son out of her most recent litter.

Btw, please ignore the piles of coats, shoes and scarves on the wall and floor in the background, LOL. It is the freezing time of year here:).

And this is Giacomo's sister and littermate, Mimosa. A fawn doe:

And this is Devaki, who is continuing to grow in but is still slightly behind the other two bunnies in length/width. It is also easy to see from the picture that Devaki is an older rabbit than the others because she has considerably more guard hair in her coat. Devaki is 2 years old, while Giacomo and Mimosa are only about 8 mos. old.

There are other bunnies in shorter, varying stages of growth in the barn at the moment, but my big job now is going to be giving all of last summer's babies their first haircuts, since all are nearly ready to be harvested and grow new coats for the spring. As soon as that is done, things will be much easier around here because there will only be Sr. bunnies to care for, LOL.
Have a great week!:-)

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