Wednesday, February 11, 2009

PA Convention 2009

I meant to post about this show much earlier but work got in the way and after a huge windstorm the internet went down too, making this week a wash and forcing me to wait til Saturday, LOLOL.

The PA Convention last weekend was a wonderful and incredibly fun show, as always:). The showing part is always fun but it is never quite as great as seeing tons of friends and fellow breeders that you never get to see during the year, in addition to new people that you meet on the net but never put a name to until this show comes along:). Since the PA Convention is two days long there is plenty of time for catching up with friends, going out to dinner, and hanging out to talk rabbits ad nauseum, which is never acceptable in any other place but is actively encouraged with fellow angora nuts:).

There were 2 Open shows this year, and one Specialty. I only managed to bring 2 bunnies this year because the rest of my show string had fallen by the wayside due to woolblock or less- than- ideal condition. Fabrice, my REW Sr. buck, was one of the entries, but while he won his class and did well in the first show he was beginning to mat up seriously underneath, so rather then risk embarassing (but well deserved, haha) comments, I pulled him out of the last two shows:). The only other rabbit left then was Juno, who is 3 now but who seemed able to maintain flesh and wool condition despite the bad winter, and who had a fabulous weekend with BOBs in all three shows and a BIS in the Specialty!

The numbers for this show were lower than usual, the total angora entry being somewhere around 70-75 with approx. 20 FAs being shown, 25 EAs, and fewer entires in the other two breeds (GA and SA). The UARC Specialty went very well also, though it will certainly be better next year when we have more time to prepare and our entry info. is listed in the main PaSRBA catalog. All in all there were approx. 6 exhibitors in the FA class, and the judges for each show were Bill Patrick, Chris Hayhow, and Jay Hreiz.

Here are some pictures that I (or my ever-helpful mother:)) took over the weekend. The first is of the Show Hall/Wool Room on Friday afternoon, before everyone came:

The second is one corner of the grooming area (with many more tables behind me and along the other wall) on Saturday:

Next is the showroom on Saturday morning, with everyone frantically grooming and getting ready for the AM show:

This is the other end of the showroom, from the judging table side. PaSRBA is absolutely fabulous at arranging their shows so that there are tables set up in every hall for people to put their carriers on and store supplies underneath. Nothing is ever too crowded here and there is always plenty of room for people to go up and down the aisles as much as necessary.

This is Lisa Rodenfels and Annette Boose (on the left) writing for the UARC show. Both did a fabulous job and are hyper organized people= great writers:)

This is the UARC show also with Chris Hayhow judging and the FA people looking on.

And here is Julie George, our wonderful Secretary, chatting with Charlotte Schweikart and holding her FA boy in prep. for the Wool judging:

This (fuzzy:)) picture is of me holding Juno after the first or second show-- I can't quite remember which. I hate having my picture taken (as you can see here) and I will do anything I can to avoid it, LOL:). Unfortunately I was painfully trapped in this situation and had no choice, but next time I will be sure to find a closet or something to hide in and leave the rabbit on the table or so, hahaha!

Below is Linda Cassella with two of her beautiful EAs before the BISS. The BOB for this show was her REW buck (or doe:).

And this is Lisa Rodenfels with her winning SA doe, who won her 7th leg at this show and was sold to an excited new owner when the whole thing was over:). This rabbit had fabulous, smut-free color:

And this is Terri Robertson, who won the BOB with her Giant Angora. She had a fantastic day:).

This picture is of all the BOB Winners from the UARC Specialty show. The results were as follows:

Giant Angora:

BOB--Terri Robertson

BOS--Janet Gruber

Satin Angora:

BOB--Lisa Rodenfels

BOS--Trina Dunn

French Angora:

BOB--Amy Spang

BOS--Charlotte Schweikart

English Angora:

BOB--Linda Cassella

BOS--Alex Stepnoski

BIS--French Angora/ Amy Spang

This is a really great prize that I got at the end of the first Open show. It's a standard ceramic crock with 'Best of Breed' etched onto the side. A really creative award I thought, and one that litters of bunnies will certainly appreciate:-)

This is part of the UARC gang hanging out at the check-in table. That's my mom on the left who always travels with me and knits socks while I tear around the showroom like a crazy person, LOL! Next to her is Janet Gruber, Lisa R, and Julie:

Here are some EAs sitting in their carriers waiting for the show:

Here is more grooming going on on the other side of the room:

And this is Julie with her CUTE new little baby EA Wooler named 'Peanut'!

This is me grooming Fabrice on Fri. night:

This is Janet grooming her GA buck on Sun. morning:

This is Trina taking a well-deserved rest at the end of the day:)

This is Jay Hreiz judging the last Open show on Sunday, looking at Juno in the Colored Sr. doe class:

And this is Jay again at the beginning of the CSD class, waiting for all bunnies to arrive at the table.

All in all this was a spectacular weekend and a very fun way to break up a long and depressing winter:) . Now that everyone is home I have spent the better part of this week grooming, clipping, and breeding, and soon the Spring String will be ready to hit the tables while the Fall bunch takes a break and goes on hiatus:).

Have a Fantastic Week!

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