Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Website--Finally!

Well, I finally got around to revamping my website after several years of intending but never getting around to actually doing it.

After stumbling on the website 'Weebly' which is a perfect (idiot's!:-)) tool for building a website from scratch, I knew that this would be easy way to get the job done and an even easier way to update my site more often. Given my total lack of talent with computers I was thrilled to find something that even I could use, so here is the revamped version of my site at:

I still have lots of changes to make and things to add (most of the links don't work quite yet), but I should have everything up and running soon. The site will now be much easier to adapt and add to without going through lots of programming 'steps' that hold no meaning for me whatsoever, making my life in general a little less confusing. *grin*

All well, lots of grooming and breeding to do this weekend. Hope everyone is starting to catch a glimpse of Spring now that February is at an end!

Have a great week:-)


Anonymous said...

Amy I love your new website. Very easy to navigate with lots of great pics. I esp. like to pic of the pointed white/ himalayn babies. I love that variety. I just don't have any. LOL!!!


wightout said...

Hi Amy,
Love your website, particularly the Giant Angoras. Unfortunately I cannot find an email address to contact you as the contact tab is a dead end. I am doing the latest issue of the Domestic Rabbit. There is an article on the Giant Angora and I am looking for pictures. I would love to use a few that you have. You would get photo credit, of course.
My email addy is

Celtic Hare said...

LOVE!!! The new look and feel of your new website!!! I especially like the addtional images. :- D

Joybilee Farm said...

Hi, Amy I was given your blog and website by a member of your angora group. I am interested in purchasing some pb French Angora juniors and I was wondering if you would air ship to Spokane.

My email address is