Monday, May 2, 2011

Bijou and---Baseball!

I just clipped Bijou recently, but since she had this beautiful, beautiful coat ahead of time I figured it would be necessary to post 15 million pictures of it first, LOL. It was a little windy that day so she's slightly unkempt, but she yielded close to 11 oz. at this clip, and it will all be going to members of my mother's local spinning group:).

I had a few more litters born last week, and am expecting many more next week, including several FA litters. I will be breeding 3-4 more French does this week, and I think I will have to build many more nestboxes soon too, because the usual supply just isn't cutting it anymore, LOL.

And just as an aside, we went to my son Keith's first Babe Ruth double header game this weekend. There he is (#11!) first in the huddle with his team, then in the yard in his uniform, and last in the batter's box right before he got a big hit:). All three boys are on different teams this year so it is going to be crazy trying to keep up with them this season (much less trying to transport everyone, LOL!!)

Anyway, have a great week and more again next time!:-)


Unknown said...

hi amy, i am pretty new to angoras. i only have i fa doe for showing. i would like to clip her for the summer just to keep her cool. If i do this, will she have a coat back for fall shows? what is the best way to clip?

thanks ann

Amy said...

Hi Ann,

Yes, if her coat is slipping now or ready to molt you can go ahead and clip her and she should be ready in time for the fall shows, provided she holds at least a 4-5 month coat. The best way to clip is just to part the coat down the middle and then take a scissor and cut thin strips of wool off each side in layers from the spine down to the table, and from the tail up to the head. You will develop your own style of clipping over time, but this is a good way to start.