Sunday, June 15, 2008

Lots and Lotsa Babies:)

Well, I finally got everyone out for a good photo session today and figured I'd introduce the keepers out of this spring's litters:). There are three 4 week old litters in the barn that will hopefully add more guys and gals to the roster and 3 does due this week also, so the breeding schedule for 2008 is definitely in full swing.

This is a (very fuzzy) picture of a baby I am keeping out of Evariste and Dijon. This is Spang's Natalya--8SP27

Below are some babies out of Juno and Dijon's litter. I was going to sell the Fawn doe but then decided to keep her at the last minute. This will be Spang's Mimosa--8SP11

This is a Black Pearl buck with wonderful size and density out of the same litter.

Spang's D'Artagnan--8SP12

And this is the pick of the litter and the best buck out of all the babies this spring---Spang's Giacomo--8SP14

This is Giacomo's sister--Spang's Arcadia--8SP15

And these two babies below are the keepers out of Echo and Pierre's litter. The first is a Sable doe named Spang's Benin (8SP17). Benin's Sable brother (recently named Woodstock) went home with Elaine Harvey last week as a trade back for Echo, who is a CCR rabbit:).

This is Spang's Savarna--8SP21, also out of Echo and Pierre, and by far the most beautiful baby born this spring:). I've included 3 pictures of her here because she has such incredible type and wool. She and Giacomo are the top picks for 2008 so far---I will probably breed them together in another 6 months or so.

And speaking of Savarna, here is a quick shot of Elaine and her traveling friend Judy looking her over last weekend. We had a great time checking out bunnies that day. It is always great to have another set of eyes and hands in the rabbitry to prevent barn blindness from rearing it's ugly head (as it is prone to do in a heat wave, LOL!:)

The babies shown below are a week younger than those above (at only12 weeks), and are out of Morwenna and Dijon. The first bunny shown is the best of this litter, a doe I named Spang's Sabini (8SP43)

And here is a REW buck out of the same litter with fabulous density and balance that I am calling Spang's Fabrice--8SP42

So this is about it so far! I am relieved to be expanding the herd again, to tell the truth, because I have been relying on too few bunnies during the breeding season. My next project will be to branch my herd off according to colors and begin breeding like variety to like variety in order to improve the color quality of my herd, and create several distinct lines so that when I need 'new blood' from time to time I will be able to take it out of my own barn, LOL. I have been breeding my FAs very tightly for the past year or so, but now I am going to branch out a little in order to expand the bloodlines and create more depth in the herd. It will take several more breedings to get enough bucks and does of each color to get this started, but it should work well once things get underway (I hope:^)).
Have a great week and a Happy Father's Day!:) I'll be back again next week and then more often now that the school year is over this Mon. Best of Luck with the buns!!

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