Saturday, September 26, 2009

Back again (with Babies for Sale:))

Hey everyone! After a super busy summer it looks like Fall is here again and it is time to get back to the usual work and blog schedule, LOL. Hopefully everyone out there has had a productive summer with lots of litters and great show/wool prospects. I did a load of breeding here also, and as of now there are 7 litters of various ages jumping around in the barn. In addition to breeding I also took the time to wrap up the practical requirement for my Registrar's license, and once I get the certificate in the mail I will be a true blue bonefide ARBA Registrar!:-) It was incredibly interesting working at the various shows with different judges (I worked under Josh Humphries, Bob Shaftoe, and Brian Sawchuk) to see how they all bring different strengths and points of view to the judging table. There is nothing (I mean nothing) like handling umpteen zillion rabbits over the course of one day to teach a person everything there is to know about type, but even if I never got anything else out of it besides the experience, this was definitely a fascinating and unbelievably educational summer:).

I will also be attending my first show of the season in Syracuse this weekend (at the NYS Convention). I did not bring rabbits to any of the shows I was working at because it would have been a nightmare trying to work behind and in front of the table at the same time, but now I have about 5 bunnies who are in full coat and seem ready to strut their stuff (I hope, LOL).

Also, there are a couple of bunnies for sale in this post who can be delivered to shows in Syracuse, NY on Oct. 3, the Rhinebeck Sheep & Wool Festival on Oct. 17-18, or the Fulton, NY show on Oct. 24. The REW and Tort babies pictured above (and below) are two of five that will be offered for sale out of Spang's Indira's litter--born 7/16/09. Indira is a Registered Tort doe with 2 legs who will go back to the tables to finish her GC as soon as the next coat comes in. She earned an Open RIS at the last show she was entered in in Rutland, VT. Spang's Giacomo, the sire, is a GC Tort buck. Both parents have Red/White/Blue pedigrees.

3 REWs are for sale in this litter (2 does and 1 buck), and 2 Torts (both bucks). Pictured here are pics of one baby of each color, but the rest of the litter is pretty much identical. All rabbits are priced at $100.00 ea, and interested individuals may contact me at

This last photo below is just one of a 12 week old girl out of Devaki's litter (see what a difference 2 weeks can make? This baby can actually pose!:-D). I will be holding onto this one for awhile because she seems to be a carbon copy of her mother who produces 10 oz. of wool at every shearing (!G) Out of Etienne and Yvonne (whose litters are about 14 weeks old now), I will keep 2 does and 2 bucks, and the other litters are still too young to know anything about, LOL.

Anyway, more again next week when I will have a full report (with pictures!) of the Syracuse show, and other interesting things to chat about. I hope:-).

Happy Fall and get ready for the wool to start growing!

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Welcome back, Amy - I've missed your always informative and interesting posts!