Saturday, February 13, 2010

PA Convention Pictures

Here are some pictures taken by my mother Lesa during the Sat. PA Show. Most of these are of only one show (the morning Open show) because later that day and on Sunday Julie and Pam took over the photography and took pics which will show up on the UARC website and the UARC Newsletter later on.

The first shot here shows the conditions at the hall parking lot on Saturday morning as everyone was attempting to get into the show:

This second picture is of Janet Gruber and I behind the UARC table. Janet is busy setting up the raffle as I am filling out entry forms, etc.

This is the wool room and grooming area as it began to fill up on Sat. morning:

These next photos below are of the first Open show with Roger Cota judging the French Angora class:

And this is a picture of Jenna (left) and Lorie (right) holding their bunnies and waiting for the White Sr. does to be called:

This is Janet again, writing for the same Sat. Open show:

And this is another shot of one side of the grooming area. Fortunately the circuits only overloaded once the whole weekend with everyone blowing their animals out this year. Last year with more exhibitors in the room the whole thing shut down several times from what I remember. LOL!

Again, I'm sorry for the lack of photos covering the entire weekend, but the other ladies took many more which I'm sure will surface shortly on the UARC site. Despite the weather this year the Convention was a very exciting show and I'm sure we'll be ready to do it all over again in 2011 (Big Grin!)

Have a great week:)

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