Saturday, February 23, 2008

Snow Babies

We've been buried in snow for about 2 days now in the Northeast. Here is what it looked like this morning outside the back door:

There a huge amount of white stuff out there, but it was a perfect day for grooming, so I pulled out Sadako's litter (now about 10 weeks old), and evaluated each of them for the first time. Sadako weaned a total of 6 babies (2 does and 4 bucks), and of the 6 it looks like the best were 2 REWs (a doe and a buck), and a Fawn buck who doesn't have the type of the REWs but seems to have the best balance and density overall. Everyone got a thorough grooming, nail clipping, and basic cleanup, so now I'll let them sit for another 2 weeks before deciding who stays and who goes, and then wait around anxiously for the next wave of litters. Pictured below are the REW buck (who is obviously more interested in the tabletop than posing, LOL), a Tort buck, and the REW doe, who sat very well considering it was her first time getting photographed:)

More stuff again next week as we wait for the snow to melt and get back to our normal work schedule outside. We ordered a huge number of chicks this spring who are due to arrive at the end of April to replace the ones we lost in our mink episode :(!!!), so I will have to take pictures of them also since they are all rare breeds, colorful to look at, and a very cheerful sight after a long, cold winter:-).
Have a great weekend! (and stay warm)

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