Sunday, February 17, 2008

Spring Shows and Pics and Stuff

The first show of the season that I usually head to around here is in Fulton, at the end of March. This year it looks as though I may not make that one simply because I have only 2 rabbits in coat at the moment, and it is hard to justify the mileage and long distance for only 2 bunnies. Unfortunately, it seems, the price of gas has made it difficult to go to any but the biggest shows lately (where it is possible to pick up several legs for the price of one trip in one weekend), so unless I have a great entry lined up to justify a trip like that, it is better to stay home and breed, LOL.

I have a bunch of does pregnant here now, but the rest will not be bred until later in the Spring so that once one string of does has weaned their litters there will be another ready to kindle. It is much easier to breed everyone in waves because that way there aren't as many litters to keep track of at one time, and there is a better chance that cage space will be available once the first babies hit the age of 12 weeks and are ready to be moved out. Also, the brood does here typically get a month off after weaning before they are rebred, so if some have just weaned their litters, there are usually others who have lain "fallow" for the past 4 weeks who are ready to go again while the new ones rest, so it seems to work out okay.

Even if I don't make the Fulton show I will definitely be the Rhinebeck show in April because A) it is only a 1/2 hour away from my house and B) it is the show put on by my regular home club:-). I think there should be 4-6 rabbits ready by the time that one comes, along with several juniors out of Sadako's litter, possibly, and a few Sr. does.

Here are pictures of the only two rabbits I have in coat (or coming into coat) right now----Devaki and Nereida. Both need to be registered so they will definitely be present at the Rhinebeck show, and Lulu and Oomi (both also Sr. does) will hopefully be ready, too.
Pictured first is Nereida, with her one ear perpetually cocked to listen to the camera clicking:)

And this is Devaki, who is further along in coat but still has another month or so to go:

I will post again this week as I try to come up with more subjects to blog about in my fevered brain, LOL. February always seems to be the worst and most depressing month around here:(. Everyone is dragging their feet and still partially-hibernated, while animals and people alike are holding their breath and W-A-I-T-I-N-G for spring to come again, LOL. Hopefully things will warm up real soon and we will get to see green again. It will be wonderful to find dandelions everywhere for these poor, deprived bunnies:-)
Have a great week!

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