Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Here is a list of bunnies that will be available for sale at the PA State Convention in Lebanon, PA on February 2-3. There are two litters represented. Parent information is listed below:

Spang's Morwenna-GC Tort Doe with 3 legs and Red/White Pedigree (picture below)

Spang's Dijon--GC Fawn Buck with 6 legs and Red/White/Blue Pedigree (pictured below):

Spang's Nereida--soon to be registered and shown. Blue doe (will have R/W/B Pedigree) Pictured below with 2 1/2 months wool growth:

Spang's Cedric--GC REW buck with 5 legs and R/W/B Pedigree (pictured below):

Babies shown below are from Morwenna and Dijon's litter (at age 11 weeks). 4 Fawns will be available--2 does/ 2 bucks, and 1 REW doe (several Fawns and REW doe pictured below):

Babies pictured below are from Nereida and Cedric's litter (at age 9 weeks). There will be 1 Black buck and several REWs available (does and bucks). Picture of Black buck and 1 of the REWs shown below:

These babies will be priced at $100.00 each. All are showable, all will have R/W/B pedigrees when registered, and all have anywhere from 9 to 11 Grand Champions listed on 3 generation pedigrees. All babies are sound and in excellent health, and come from an exclusively linebred herd. Please contact me with questions or details at

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