Monday, January 28, 2008

Current Events and (Still More) Sale Stuff

I am already spending heaps of time this week running around like a nut and getting ready for the show next weekend. It is my typical anal, pre-show ritual:-). Yesterday my dh helped me tattoo 10 bunnies and I printed off their pedigrees, and this weekend I also culled approx. 8 other rabbits to thin things out in the barn and make room for the next wave of breedings after the show. I've got about 8-10 does to breed in the next month or so so I have been planning those combinations as well, and yesterday I also weaned the last of Sadako's litter, so we will see how those cuties turn out in the next few weeks too:).

The FA/NZ Cross babies I bred earlier this winter did not live up to my expectations unfortunately, so I had to cull them. Their wool was actually nice quality which was great, but the types on them were just not outstanding enough to qualify them as keepers (in other words, they were nowhere near as beautiful as their mother in the depth department, LOL!). I will breed Echo again along with the other does I am planning when I get back from the show, but this time I will use a different buck to see if she meshes better with another genotype:). Wish me luck!

Also, I wanted to announce that I am adding a Tort Jr. buck to the group of babies I am bringing to PA for sale. I had originally decided to hold onto him, but I changed my mind last night when I decided that I would just repeat the entire breeding and not worry about keeping anything out of this one right now. This baby is out of the same litter as the other Fawns who were sired by Dijon and Morwenna. I have also decided to sell Spang's Cedric, who is a REW GC with 5 legs. Cedric is a little over a year old (DOB--11/23/06) proven, and his picture can be found 2 posts ago here in the entry for Jan. 23. This boy is a nice rabbit, but since I already have his brother, Dijon, he doesn't get used as much as he ought to be, so he may as well make himself useful somewhere else and spread his seed where it will do other bunnies some good:-).

Anyway, more stuff again on Wednesday. I am trying to get myself organized here and stay on top of the normal kid/rabbit/work schedule that goes on each day on top of that, so ideas are slim and the days are inching closer into crunch- zone territory, LOL. So far (by some profound, unexplained miracle) everyone I intend to enter is still eating and holding their coats, but like any breeder who lives by superstition and walks on paper-thin eggshells the days and weeks before a show, I am still in complete denial that anyone will ever make it and knocking wood anywhere I see it just in case:-D:-D

More later and have a great week!

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