Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Upcoming Sale Babies

With all the craziness at work lately I haven't had the chance to sort out the latest babies here, but as soon as the weekend rolls around I will be going through each and every guy/gal bunny and begin posting details about those who will be for sale at the PA State Convention (Feb. 2 and 3). I plan on bringing anywhere from 6 to 10 bunnies along in addition to my normal show rabbits on that weekend, so I will post pictures and information about each one here as soon as I can.

The cold weather is coming in also this week and soon I will re-post the results of an experiment that my kids and I performed several years ago involving freezing water dishes (since that problem seems particularly relevant at the moment:( ). Also, there will be more pictures coming up of both babies and adults.

I have transferred alot of the links that were on my old blog to this one now and I will be ready to delete the old one shortly (I know I said that already but my work schedule is to blame for all the things that are late so please be patient, LOL!!<:)). I am still figuring out how to work this blog but the remaining issues are pretty much finished, so if I am lucky I may even be able to figure out how to make a custom template for it someday (I hope:).

More again on Friday----best of luck hauling frozen water dishes back and forth to those of you who are in the freezing temperature zones. Remember that Spring is 'only' 2 months away!:-) :-(

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