Friday, January 25, 2008

Big, Bigger, Biggest:)

Just for fun, I thought tonight I would compare a few pics I took of adults over the past several months as their coats were growing in. I had some more pictures to add of REW rabbits, but since I didn't label the pics as I took them it became difficult to tell who was who, so I decided to leave them out, LOL.

The first series here is of Spang's Juno, who was clipped at the end of September (sorry about the yellow background, it is not the best color for highlighting Fawn and Torts:( ). It is really interesting to see how the wool has grown in from the beginning frame by frame. I think that if the pictures could have been done very technically on specific dates by a very talented photographer it would have been possible to capture the actual wool growth patterns on each rabbit:).

Next pictured here is Spang's Dijon, of whom there are only 3 pictures. He was last clipped on October 2 and again, if these pictures were better it would be alot easier to spot the differences in wool growth from one frame to another. The lighting is not the same here or in the pictures shown above which makes it harder to see the details, but we can still get a general idea of the way an FA coat fills out.

More again next Monday on other fun subjects:-). Have a great weekend!

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